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Sunday School

Greeting in Jesus’ name!

Dear Children, it gives me immense joy to communicate with you about the faithfulness of God in our lives in the past years. Each and every moment is precious to us. Because it is not mechanically moved rather moved by the grace of God. We are all bound to thank the Almighty God who cares and loves us all in our situations. God graciously added one more year in our lives to praise him. Praising God is our purpose of living on this planet. Therefore, let us once again take this opportunity to thank and praise the Almighty God who is our source of blessings. This is what the psalmist claims in Psalms 94:22. He says, “But the LORD has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge,” (NIV). He recognizes that God is the only place where we feel our lives are secured. Other than that no place in the world can be said as safe enough even though we live in our own house which would be like a palace.

As we entered in this New Year, let us claim that God is our refuge. Our studies, activities and any other curriculum can have meaning only if we acknowledge that God as our source of blessings.

May God grant you with his wisdom and knowledge in this New Year!

Mrs. Mary Johnson


January, 2017

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