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Priest Desk

Gratitude! It is a sense of kind feelings shown to someone who has been kind enough. One of the great and common expectations that exist among people is an attitude of ‘gratitude!’ Simultaneously one of the common behaviour that exists among people is a sense of ‘ingratitude!’ One could easily might forget and forgive someone’s blunder mistakes done to someone. However, it is hard to forget and forgive the attitude of ‘ingratitude.’ The reason is strong enough to support this because it involves one’s great sacrificial act. The act demands treasures like effort, economy, and era and so on. For instant, helping others in any form always expect in turn through any form. In this stream of line, we are forced to think about our life on the planet earth. This takes us back to think about our very existence as ‘human being. ‘It reminds us about a great personality, who is seen behind the screen. He is the one who helped us to move efficiently so far. He has protected and guided us because He created us. He formed a hiding place to form us, i.e. mother’s womb. As a mother secures and nurtures her baby in her womb so does God so far. A mother takes complete cycle of nine month to nurture her baby with good health. So does God to all of us. The question however arises here to our reflection is that why does God act like this towards us? To respond it in a simple way is –‘He loves us’. His love is eternal! Therefore, He does well to His creature. To such a wonderful God what have we done in return to Him? Or what can we give to appease Him as complementary? Can we able to think about a precious resource that is available on the planet earth to equalize His love to us?

This is what made the Psalmist to think about God’s love and His goodness. He understood that there is no such an earthly material or resources that are available to measure and equalize God’s love. Thus, He concluded by stating in the beginning of the verse of Psalm 106 : 01 says, “Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!” By stating that He invites us all to“Give thanks to the LORD!” Let God’s love and goodness overflow in us continuously.

May God bless you!


In Christ

Rev. M. D. Johnson

October 01,  2018.