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Priest Desk

Indeed, we are thankful to God for his faithfulness and his guidance. We are living in a scientific world where science predominantly occupying the space among human beings. Life is made difficult in one aspect without using the new technical devices. On the other side it made life too difficult with the scientific development. The present world is full of challenges and hardships. To face these challenges, scientists and intellectuals are trying their best to make use of their knowledge to contribute for the betterment of the society. Even though a significant progress is seen in the area of research field, yet it makes us to think a lot about its destructive aspects.

Dangers, destructions, distress become part and parcel of life in today’s world. Peace is replaced by arms. Happiness is replaced by melancholy. Mankind searches certain precious things in the world to get comfort and bliss. For that they work day and night and try to accumulate money and fame. They think that they have saved lots of property to their descendants through which they can lead a happy and secured life. However, one thing has been forgotten by the world that is, the world is under threat. Under the sky and  the sea and above the earth nothing is safe for humankind. On the phases of such circumstances, the word of God comes to us like a relieving promise from the book of proverbs 14:26. It says, “He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.” The word has double portion of blessings first, those who fear will receive it and then it flows from generations after generations. To claim this promise one needs to fear the LORD. As I have mentioned earlier in the introduction, scientific inventions, discoveries of new things may not give us protection and comfort. But only, God is our strength to protect us from all the dangers and difficulties. Let’s trust and obey his words.

May God bless you!


In –Christ

Rev. M. D. Johnson

November, 2018