Youth Fellowship


The Youth Fellowship of this Church is one of the most active and vibrant fellowships. The Youths who were once closely attached to the fellowship are now spread across the globe due to career and other professional engagements, even though they are based in different countries, many of them are in close contact with the Church. Apart from others who had ministered to the youths of this Church, Mrs. Malligah Alex Dickson had for a long time in the past led the Youth Fellowship with much dedication and prayer. Our Youth Fellowship members have actively and regularly participated in various Competitions and Programmes organized by the Diocese, the CNI Synod and even International Christian Ecumenical Organizations. Time to time various special retreats exclusively for the youths are organized apart from the regular youth programmes. The Youths regularly meet after the Sunday Worships for a time of fellowship.

Youth Fasting Prayer culminated out of the prayer concerns of this Church in order to experience spiritual growth and revival among the youths. Thus this fasting prayer is organized every month on the 2nd Sunday. To start with it was held on Saturday afternoons, but later was observed on Sundays in order to enable maximum participation by all the desiring youths.

Youth Sunday is observed once in a year. This Sunday is exclusively dedicated for the Youth Fellowship. Special Guest Speakers are invited to share the Word of God. There are various activities planned for the youths. Usually this program goes upto evening tea time. It is also on this day that the Youth office bearers are chosen to coordinate the fellowship. It also becomes a time of union and coming together of the youth fellowships of this Church and its branch Church at Kalyan (East) St. Luke’s Tamil Church (CNI).

Apart from the above programmes the youths are involved in outreach programmes as and when organized. They lead the congregation in the Praise and Worship Service. The Youths extend their service to the Church and the Diocese in various capacities be it Vacation Bible School, where they are involved as teachers and volunteers or even Christmas Carols and other celebrations where they under the guidance of the Church elders discharge the needed responsibilities given to them, also they serve the youth movement as the elected representative in the governing body of the Diocesan Youth Council. Dear friends if you desire to be part of this Youth fellowship then you are most welcome to join with us to love and serve Christ as young people. God bless you


Mr. Chandler Jesudasan & Mrs. Sunithi Chandler

Youth Fellowship Incharge



Youth Fellowship office bearers

Miss. Sharon Jeyasingh – Secretary

Mr. Sujit Ragavan – Treasurer