Women Fellowship


The women fellowship of the Church is one of the most active and involved fellowship in the prayer life of the Church and families. I thank and praise God for the many who have contribute in the past for the growth of this fellowship and amongst them the service of Mrs. Malliga Alex Dickson needs to be specially acknowledged for her devotion and personal interest in building the women fellowship of this Church.

The Women Fasting Prayer is observed on the first Friday of each month without fail. It becomes a time to praise and thank God for the blessings and providence in the months past and as a fellowship praying for the month ahead for the needs of the Church and the families. The time purely overflows with praises, prayers and testimonies for what the Lord had done in reply to their prayers in the past months.

The Women Prayer Fellowship regularly meets on Saturdays for a time of singing, Sharing and Praying apart from this, periodically written Bible test is conducted to encourage reading and memorizing of the Holy Bible.

The Women Sunday is celebrated once in a year with great enthusiasm. Special Guest Speaker is invited to share the Lord’s message and on that Sunday service the women fellowship plays a major role. Almost every year on this day a healthy debate is organized on a particular theme with two set of group speaking for and against the topic making reference to the Bible and sharing life experiences. It indeed becomes a platform to see how immensely talented are the Women of the Church. The day is dedicated for various activities for the women fellowship. It also becomes a time of union and coming together of the women fellowships of this Church and its branch Church at Kalyan (East) St. Luke’s Tamil Church (CNI).




Office bearers of the Women Fellowship

  • Mrs. Arokyamary S. Marian – Patron


  • Mrs. Vimila Victor – Hon. Secretary
  • Mrs. Navanetham Gabriel – Hon. Treasurer






Women Fasting Prayer

1st Friday of the month

12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Women Prayer Fellowship

All Saturdays

4:30 pm.

Women Sunday


8:30 am – 4:30 pm



1. The Women Fellowship thank the out going office bearers Mrs. Christy Solomon and Mrs. Sarojini Paulsingh, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer respectively. It also congratulate and welcome Mrs. Vimila Victor and Mrs Navanetham Gabriel who have agreed to serve as the new office bearers of the fellowship