Teen’s Ministry

A Brief Sketch on ‘Teens’ Ministry

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1Timothy 4:12).

We are happy to introduce our ministry among teens. The children of 9th & 10th standard are reluctant to sit in Sunday school. There are various reasons can be said. One among them is identity crisis. Teens hesitate to identify themselves neither with Sunday School Children nor with youths as they are not well matured. In such a circumstances, Revd. M.D. Johnson, the presbyter in-charge took initiative; and inspired the congregation to encourage their teens to gather as a special group. With that inspirational thought the gathering of teens was formed on 25th October, 2015. It was decided to conduct ‘teens meet’ at Parsonage II on 2 Sunday of every month right after the sermon preached i.e., 10 a. m to 11.00 a.m.

The special ministry among teens is carried out by Mr. John Edwin Jacob and Mrs. Jeba Edwin Jacob according to the direction of Presbyter in-charge. Presently near about 10 children are attending the teens meet without fail. With interest and enthusiasm they are gathering as a special unit in the church in the allotted schedule. Most of the teens actively participate in prayer, praise and meditate God’s Word. The gathering also encourages teens to pick up certain social issues that are prevalent in the society and are encouraged to think how to behave as God’s Child in a particular situations. Here, the personal questions, regarding God, the Word of God, and practical challenges that bothers them are given much attention to discuss and helps them to find a way to confront such difficulties. Moreover, some of the seniors and skilled personalities within the church are occasionally invited to educate our teens. Even sometime presbyter and his wife give their valuable time to minister the teens with their inspirational speech from the word of God.

One therefore, cannot ignore the fact that children particularly ‘teens’ are prone to become addict to all sorts of social evils such as drugs, toxic things, terrorism and so on. Under this challenges the responsibility heavily laid upon the church to care the young ones from those baits. Let’s uphold our teens in our precious prayers. May God bless our teens!

With greetings & Blessings

Mr. John Edwin & Mrs. Jeba Edwin

Teen’s advisors