Church Choir


St. Paul’s Tamil Church Choir, Dombivli was installed from August 1991 at the time of Church Dedication. Since its installation, Mrs. Carolin John is the Organist. She is a well devoted and professionally trained Organist, she also used to play the Accordion. In her absence, Mrs. Thulasibai Lydia Edwin, Miss. Shirley Dickson and Miss. Jaya David used to play the Organ during worship services. Mr. S.L.V. Pakkianathan regularly used to play the Accordion in the week long Christmas Carol rounds. Now Mr. Isaac David Clement plays the Organ, when Mrs. Carolin John is out of town. Mr. R. Kennedy plays lead Guitar during Sunday service and on special occasions. Mr. Sunil Mani and Mst. Clinton Kennedy play additional instruments like Guitar and Rhythm Pad which adds more sweetness to songs. Mr. S.L.V. Pakkianathan was the Choir Leader from 1995 to 2007 and Mr. D. Raja Robert from Sept. 2011 till date. Initially the Choir had around 20 members singing in different parts. Now it has about 30 members singing with different parts viz. Soprano, Tenor & Bass.

The first Choir Sunday was celebrated in the Church in the year 1995, 2nd Sunday of September. Since St. Paul’s Tamil Church, Byculla was the mother Church, this Choir used to attend Choir Sundays at Byculla and sing two special songs every year.  Also during the Carol Service, this Choir was invited to give special items. Yet another milestone was the introduction of long awaited choir uniform, choir procession and recession with the Cross bearer by prayerful dedication at the Church Choir Sunday on 16th November 2012, this was not possible so far due to the lack of space in the Church   

Presently, the Choir practice is held on every Saturday at 07.30 p.m. to 09.00 p.m. in the Church.  A special song is sung on every 1st Sunday of the month and also English & Tamil special songs are sung during Choir Sunday and Carol Service.



Mr. T. Solomon Samuel

(Choir Master)


Choir Masters who served the Church

Choir Master                                                               Period

Mr. M. Augustine                                                      1991-1995

Mr. T. Solomon Samuel                                          1995 – June 2009

Mr. S. Paul Israel                                                      July 2009 – December 2012

Mr. T. Solomon Samuel                                          January 2013 – now serving

Dy. Choir Master                                                        Period

Mr. S. Paul Israel                                                      till June 2009

Mr. R. Kennedy                                                        July 2009 – now serving


The Choir members of the Church





Mrs. Christy Samuel

Mr. Maneksha Vincent*

Mr. S. Paul Israel

Mrs. Jaculin Paul

Mr. Joel Muthappa

Mr. R. Kennedy

Miss. Jerusha Justin

Mr. Nirmal Vikram

Mr. Vincent David

Miss. Joanna Augustine*

Mr. Sujith Ragavan*

Mr. Isaac David Clement

Miss. Hanna Augustine

Mr. Sunil Mani*

Mr. Dexter Samuel

Miss. Messiga Daniel

Mr. Beghin Onesh Selwyn


Miss. Alfa Koilraja



Miss. Jolin Kennedy



Miss. Jemima Jebaraj



Miss. Sharon Jeyasingh



Miss. Jenisha Justin



Miss. Diana Sylvester



Miss. Jennifer Raja






Mr. D. Raja Robert



Mr. Asir James



Mr. Christon Ragavan*



Mr. Dennis Sylvester*



Mr. Simpson Pandiaraj*



Mst. Allwyn Koilraja



Mst. Rejo Rajan









Choir Practice

All Saturdays

7:30 pm.

Choir Special Song

1st Sunday of the month

During the Service

Choir Sunday


8:30 am – 4:30 pm