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Sunday school


The church of St. Paul’s Tamil Church (CNI), Dombivli (W) is pleased to give a brief introduction about Sunday school ministry. The ministry of Sunday school got a very humble beginning. It was initiated by Mrs. Malligah Alex Dickson and Mrs. Jaculin Paul. Their efforts and commitment served as the foundational base for its present growth. It grew gradually with strength by the encouragement of parents as well as with the interest of children too. It is conducted right after the worship service on every Sunday. It is segregated according to the age group and classes.

The Church praises God for having committed teachers who spare their valuable time to take care of children’s spiritual growth. Children are taught biblical values through songs, stories, biographies of Christian stalwarts and missionaries. Also the latest technical visualize aids are used in a greater extent. Games and creative works such as art and craft are used as methodological approaches by teachers in classes. The spiritual confidence in children are developed by insisting them to take part in biblical competitions and programs that is conducted by the Diocesan of Bombay in a wider circle. Sometime our children are encouraged to participate in the inter-denominational organized level of programs. In fact, these steps develop a sense of unity and Christ love with other Christians in the spiritual realm of children.

Occasionally, the church also gives an opportunity for Sunday school children to lead the praise and worship session on 4th Sunday in a month. Moreover, the church encourages children to observe Children Sunday once in a year under the guidance of Diocesan of Bombay. During this celebration, the Diocese organize a special speaker from “Mumbai Diocesan Children Ministry” (MDCM – a para group of ministry within the diocese) to encourage the church along with children with God’s word. The special offering are collected during the service in order to support the Children Ministry in the Diocese. Right after the service, the guest speaker along with the teachers keep the Sunday school warm till the evening with various programs such as group songs, dance, skit, Bible Quiz, games and so on. Finally it finishes the festival with prize distribution and evening snacks.

Another significant ministry in Sunday school is Vacation Bible School (VBS). It is very significant and it is conducted by the church. In this program, neighboring children are encouraged to join in it – irrespective of colour, community, language and religion. It is conducted during Diwali holidays (i.e. between October and November) under the direction of MDCM. We could listen various testimonies that glorify God from children of other faiths. The ministry is predominantly sponsored by the church members, and profits with fruitful harvest among children. The whole congregation takes part in the ministry as volunteers. In fact, children long to see these days fervently.

Before concluding the report of its brief historical start, we urge you to uphold the children ministry in your prayer.

May God Bless you!

List of Sunday School Superintendent who served the Lord:

Sr. No. Name Served
1 Mrs. Malligah Dickson
2 Mrs. Jaculin Paul
3 Mrs. Thulasibai Edwin
4 Mrs. Jaculin Paul 2002 to 2014
5 Mrs. Mary Johnson 2015 to Till Date

Sunday School Teachers who served the Lord:

Sr. No. Name Served
1 Mrs. Malligah Dickson
2 Mrs. Jaculin Paul 1992 to Till Date
3 Mrs. Thulasibai Edwin
4 Mrs. Nalini Augustine
5 Mrs. Christy Solomon
6 Mrs. Roselind David
7 Mrs. Irene Samuel
8 Mrs. Sarojini Paulsingh
9 Mrs. Leela Kennedy
10 Mrs. Preethi Nevaneeth 2009 to 2010
11 Mrs. Sunithi Chandler 2009 to 2010
12 Mrs. Sheela Jeyasingh 2009 to 2010
13 Mrs. Rebeca Thomas 2011 to 2014
14 Mrs. Ratna Swamidas 2007 to Till Date
15 Mrs. Margret Raja 2007 to Till Date
16 Mrs. Mary Pandiaraj 2007 to Till Date
17 Mrs. Vijula Rajan
18 Mrs. Sonia Paulraj 2015 to Till Date
19 Mrs. Nirmala Mithran 2015 to Till Date
20 Mrs. Vijaya Dhinakaran 2015 to Till Date
21 Mrs. Salomi David 2015 to Till Date
22 Mr. G. Manoharan 2015 to Till Date
23 Ms. Jerusha Justin 2015 to Till Date
24 Ms. Gracelin Solomon 2015 to Till Date
25 Ms. Jemima Jebaraj 2015 to Till Date
26 Mrs. Sheela Jeyasingh 2016 to Till Date


Activity Day Time
Sunday School All Sundays After Service
Children’s Sunday Annually 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Vacation Bible School Diwali Holidays Annually