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Men’s Fellowship

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

Dear Brothers in-Christ,

I take pleasure in greeting you all in Jesus name! In this New Year a fresh question comes to our heart to think regarding God’s blessings. In fact we all wanted to enjoy blessings from God. Simultaneously, we need to ask a question that is why do we need to seek God’s blessings? After all we wanted to be happy and enjoy life. Everything in life should go well even with our children. Pondering with this quests and queries we need to turn our attention towards the book of Psalm 67. The Psalm 67 tells us the reason for seeking God’s blessings. So to receive God’s blessings certain things has to be done. It is not an automatic response from God. Rather it is a response to a response from us to God’s word and calling. When we discipline our lives and keep do what is right in God’s sight, God surely pours his showers of blessings on us. In that again, why should he blesses us? Is it mandatory for him to bless us? The answer is no. Then why should God blesses us? To answer that we need to turn our attentions on his ‘grace.’ The meaning of ’grace’ is unmerited favour from God. Christian life therefore is entirely depend on this doctrine. It is even proved from sending his own Son on this world to save us. We enjoy God’s blessings fully because of his grace that he ordained for us in Christ (Eph. 1:3-6).

Therefore, let us thank God for his grace on us by sending his son Jesus Christ to be our saviour. Live life that pleases him. Apart from him we are helplessness. God Bless You All.

In His service


Secretary, Men’s Fellowship

January, 2017

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